‘Love That Lasts’

‘Love That Lasts’


Sunday 12th March
10am – 1pm
With Buddhist Monk Gen Pagpa


This Sunday morning course features teachings and guided meditations that help us to develop pure love and affection towards those in our life.

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Vajravarahi Kadampa Meditation Centre
38 West Cliff, Preston, PR1 8HU


To love others is one of the greatest experiences of our life, but it often feels like a minefield.

We can be worried about people rejecting us, or taking what we do to help them for granted.

According to Buddha’s teachings, this is due to us viewing other people and our relationships with them in the wrong way.

By focusing on the kindness of others and reducing our unrealistic expectations we can make our relationships beneficial and enjoyable.

These teachings can be applied in all situations, such as those with our partner, friends, family members, and work colleagues.


“We have discovered an inexhaustible fountain of happiness within our own mind – our love for others. Difficult external conditions do not depress us, and pleasant conditions do not overexcite us, for we are able to transform and enjoy both.”

‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


You will learn –

  • How to reduce neediness in relationships
  • How to use meditation to improve relationships
  • How to truly love others
  • An introduction to the book ‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso



Sunday 12th March, 10am - 1pm (optional lunch at 1pm).



At Vajravarahi Kadampa Meditation Centre, 38 West Cliff, Preston, PR1 8HU.



£10 - no lunch

£15 - with a vegetarian and vegan lunch.



10am – 11.15am Session 1

Refreshment Break

11.45am – 1pm – Session 2

1pm – Optional Lunch (veggie/vegan)

Class Teacher

Gen Pagpa is an English Buddhist Monk and has been studying meditation for over 20 years.

He is an accomplished public speaker, and can explain Buddha’s teachings in a practical and interesting manner.

He has taught classes and retreats at Meditation Centres throughout the country.

Please watch this video to enjoy a previous teaching from him.

I love going to the meditation center.

So relaxing and refreshing.

Always interesting talks and events.


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